Machining Hall

A question of size



1 x Diesel Operated Forklifts

Up to 3.5m reach & Maximum 5 tonne load

1 x Battery Operated Forklifts

Up to 4.5m reach & maximum 3.5 tonne load

1 Overhead Gantry Crane

Maximum 1 tonne load

2 x Pillar Jib Cranes

Maximum 500kg capacity

CNC Yang Eagle

Table 500m wide x 750mm long x 200mm high

CNC Gital 500 with Live Tooling

400mm dia x 1m long

CNC Bar Feed

Up to 50mm dia x 400mm long

CNC Mill

780 x 431 x 406mm traverse

Webster Bennett Fixed Rail Vertical Borer

1.5m dia chuck x 400mm high

Webster Bennett Elevating Rail & Hydraulic Copier Attachment Vertical Borer

1.8m dia chuck x 1m high

3 x Horizontal Borers Fitted with DRO

1.5m sq table x 1.1m high

2 x Lathes Fitted with DRO Manual

Maximum capacity 400mm dia x 4m long

2 x Large Swing DSG with 6-Jaw Chuck

700mm swing x 0.5m long

2 x Radial Arm Drills

 Maximum 6ft Swing