Fabrication Hall

Right skills, right results
Machine/facility: Capacity
1 x Diesel Operated Forklifts Up to 3.5m reach & Maximum 5 tonne load
1 x Battery Operated Forklifts Up to 4.5m reach & maximum 3.5 tonne load
2 Overhead Gantry Crane Maximum 5 tonne load each
1 x Overhead Gantry Crane Maximum 1 tonne load
Beadblast Booth for Non-Ferrous Metals Maximum capacity 4.6m wide x 3m deep x 2.7m high
CNC Press Brake Maximum capacity 3m wide x up to 12mm thick
LVD Guillotine Maximum capacity 4m wide up to 6mm thick
Pressbrake Maximum capacity 10mm thick x 4m wide
Power Rolls Maximum capacity 2.5m wide up to 5mm thick
Power Rolls Maximum capacity 1.5m wide up to 10mm thick
Pels Nibbler which can complete louvres Up to 5mm thick
Range of Air Tools and Finishing/Polishing Tools
Spot Welder / Swager / Large Flypress / Plasma Cutter / Oxyacetylene Gas Cutting / Mag Drills
7 x Qualified & Experienced Fabricators who can undertake MIG/MA G/TIG MMA (Stick) welding of various materials